Ethernet Update: Network Switching

This past weekend, I put a new network switch into my home network. It is the backbone of the entire system.

Rather than take a commercial, off-the-shelf solution; I purchased an enterprise switch that offers additional configuration for the future. The switch can route up to 1-million packets per second, more than we’ll ever run through the network.

Then again, Bill Gates said all we need is 640 Kb of RAM.

I found the router’s operating system easy to navigate and use. The set up was a bit of a learning curve, only because I don’t have extensive network experience.

None-the-less, the router is up and serving up data quite nicely.

The Firewall passed several War Game simulations with flying colors. At least no one is in the system through the front door for now.

I have been granted a subnet of the address block, so I need to configure the Virtual LAN interface for network segmentation. But that is a project for later.

Up next is tweaking the wireless access points.

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