Do You Have a Personal Board of Directors?

As more professionals direct their own career, you are the CEO of your own business.

The business of your career.

Why stress over managing that career when you can tap the wisdom of others to help you?

It’s called a Personal Board of Directors.

Just like a Corporate Board, a Personal Board brings diverse perspectives and skills to the table. These are people who are interested in your success and are willing to give you their advice, encouragement, and an honest assessment.

How do you build your own Personal Board of Directors? Who do you ask?

Here are five types of people I have on my own Board.

  • Connector – A respected member of the community who has the ability to influence others and help you access a broader network
  • Expert – Someone who has accomplished what you are trying to do
  • Sponsor – A senior-level person who is willing to open doors for you
  • Listener – Someone who knows you well and will allow you to rant when you need to clear your mind
  • Enforcer – A non-nonsense person who holds you accountable and tells you who’s holding the cards, even when it isn’t you

Mentors offer impartial advice, critical feedback and they hold you accountable. Being a mentor gives you the opportunity to build an during career network as well as gain insight and different views from younger members of your profession. Proteges can shake the cobwebs in your mind.

In my experience, the relationship has to be one of mutual assistance. One party can’t be the taker. You have to give as much as you receive.

You can’t get anywhere, however, until you start.

Crossposted at LinkedIn.

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