Project Management is a Growth Industry

There are 9,520 project management positions available on LinkedIn in the Greater Chicago area when I wrote this post.

Imagine how many there are worldwide.

Despite the staggering number of roles, it will be difficult to find qualified applicants. Requirements for associate and mid-senior positions are rather specific.

  • Strong analytic, communication, and delivery skills
  • Agile or Scrum methodology experience
  • Bachelors degree, preferably in Engineering, Business or Finance with 1-3 years in Supply Chain
  • Master’s Degree Preferred
  • Ability to Travel up to 80% of the time

The list gets even more specific depending upon the industry.

But make no mistake, project management is a growth industry. The discipline can be an important “force multiplier” that improves organizational performance. For organizations searching for that one, key professional, it will be difficult but not impossible to find the right candidate.

That is one of the reasons that the average project manager salary is $96,425 in the United States, according to Glassdoor.

For those with a strong set of technical, business, and leadership skills; a proven track record; and a willingness to relocate, the future looks brighter every day.

Crossposted at LinkedIn.

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