How You Can Really Help

There are many ways you can lend a hand to people in developing nations.

Give Time

Charities need volunteers. Stuffing envelops is as tedious as it sounds, but it’s work that must be done. The United Nations has a clearinghouse where you can find ways to volunteer on-line. You could also Donate Your Birthday.

Give Money to Individuals

You’ve seen the television advertisements asking you to sponsor a child. In most cases, cash does not go directly to the child; it’s pooled with other donations to help the child’s community. Heifer International allows you to buy a farm animal that will be given to a family. You can also loan small by meaningful amounts through micro-lending organizations such as Kiva.

Give Money to an Organization

Simple. Straightforward. Just write a check. Silicon Valley uses crowd-funding to raise cash, which is a pretty forward-thinking way to leverage lots of people and a good cause.

The upside is that most donations are tax deductible. The downside is that you are not doing something more direct.

Volunteer in a Developing Country

Exciting. Adventurous. The sort of thing that changes lives for the volunteer and the recipient. Think Peace Corp. But if you have no real skills or relevant experience, you’re better off sending money or doing some of the other things on this list.


You can do so much more when you have others helping you. There is nothing stopping you from organizing an event for your favorite charity or petitioning your elected officials to support your cause. Advocacy is the Entrepreneurship of Non-For-Profits.

What ways do you give?

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