Ethernet Upgrade: Ubuntu Operating System

Before I configure the network gateway, I needed to re-purpose an older computer.

My network gateway requires a management station running the gateway’s controller software. I can put the software either on-site and connected to the same Layer-2 network, or off-site in a cloud.

I opted to load the software on an on-site computer.

The machine is decommissioned Dell, standing independent of the Internet.

The computer uses a Linux operating system rather than Microsoft Windows. Specifically, I’ve selected Ubuntu, a Debian-based Linux operating system.

Ubuntu is an open source development designed to be secure “out-of-the-box.” Most network ports are closed by default to prevent hacking. A built-in software firewall allows end-users who install network servers to control access. It also limits root access which helps prevent inexperienced users from inadvertently making a catastrophic system change.

Later on, I may install Ubuntu Server as part of the Wireless Mesh Network.

For now, all I need is the desktop operating environment.